Indian Experience welcomes you to the Asiatic Peninsular land of India. Travel and experience Its geographical undulation with a Journey through the kaleidoscopic land of Colours and Culture, Fairs and Festivals, Art and Architecture. A person whosoever has ventured into its vast embrace gets rewarded with a comforting sojourn thriving amidst its secret charm.

Diversity has always been a crown of India, which means it has a wide range of travel experiences to offer. India abounds in the treasured architecture of the Taj Mahal to ancient monuments of RedFort or Hawa Mahal of Jaipur.
Join Us to be a part of the camel festival of Pushkar or splash colours of Holi in Mandawa. Get hypnotised by the unexplored hamlets in the snow-capped Himalayas or get enthralled by the scenic backwaters of Kerala. Do wildlife photography of migratory birds in their natural habitat at Ranthambore or Asiatic lions in Gir Forest. Hold hands on a romantic getaway to the golden beaches of Mararikulam. Else, release emotional blockages in the Temples Of Tamil Nadu.
Indian caters it all !!
Travel Enchanting India with a trusted Travel Partner - Indian Experience!!

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Visiting India catapults you straight into a journey through time. The India you see with Indian Experience is beyond just the golden triangle itinerary and is beyond what you see on a postcard. The holiday packages to India, designed by India Experience offers you an unparalleled experience.
India is not a country, it is a sub-continent. A visit to any of the travel destinations in India is sure to enamour your hearts. Your trip to India will have your senses awakened and your imagination brought to life in no time. Find your calm away from the chaos, This is India as it is, Raw and totally addictive.
And we promise while you’ll walk back you will literally run a stretch shouting “Life is Beautiful!!”
From where will you begin?

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A trip to feel the Palatial and Luxuriated living of a Maharaja. Discover Rajasthan where Romanticism flows from every direction drenching every soul in its plethora of colours. Uncover magical moments with your beloved at Taj.

12 Days Price from 2585 £

A passage through The Temple City of India -Tamil Nadu. Travel from the rainbow temples to traditional French bakeries. Have downtime on the mystical beaches in Tamil Nadu. Discover the elaborated architecture, brilliant sculptures, mouth-watering cuisine and eco-villages of ancient South India.

10 Days Price from 1685 £

The unabashedly colourful Holi Festival of Rajasthan is the centrepiece of this tour. An amazing journey of “THE FESTIVAL OF COLOURS” travels through beautiful rural areas of Rajasthan : witness the true India submerged in the colours of its culture.

11 Days Price from 1550 £

An ecstatic tour to eye the vibrant culture and traditions of Rajasthan. Attend the world’s largest cattle fair in Pushkar along with historical cities of Jaipur, Udaipur and Bikaner. Discover off the beat rural sites and villages of Rajasthan.

13 Days Price from 1685 £

Thematic Travel

Whether you are a nemophila, who wants to explore the forests or a gastronomist, who wants to taste different food delicacies, a nature lover in search of serendipity or an anthropologist, interested in art and festivals. A honeymoon couple looking for a romantic outing with your valentine or a Solo traveller chasing offbeat destinations.
If you have a dash of an idea of what you are chasing for on your next trip to India.

Thematic Travel

Whether you are a nemophila, who wants to explore the forests or a gastronomist, who wants to taste different food delicacies, a nature lover in search of serendipity or an anthropologist, interested in art and festivals. A honeymoon couple looking for a romantic outing with your valentine or a Solo traveller chasing offbeat destinations.
If you have a dash of an idea of what you are chasing for on your next trip to India.

They liked...

Patricia McBride 11/09/2019

The essence of Rajasthan

With Indian Experience we “explored the unexplored!”. Never did me or my family on our family tour to India know that such serene villages we would visit in our trip to India. The rural side of Rajasthan is a kaleidoscope of different cultures, tastes and attires. The simplicity of people and the beauty and bounty of nature kept us marevlling at it. 
Definitely It makes a huge difference being lead by someone with deep roots in the area and the professionalism and skill that can only come from experience. I can’t thank Indian Experience enough for this memorable trip.

Helen D 26/07/2019

HOLI « Festival of colours »

“Best trips last forever”
The Colorful visit to Rajsthan for Holi in Mandawa was like “come dream with your eyes open “
Luxurious accommodations, exquisite food, complemented with warm and sincere hospitality is always there… This experience Unbelievably was an unforgettable one as the festival, an indigenous experience was totally in harmony with the environment too


Dave Martin 26/06/2019

HOLI « Festival of colours »

I have taken 2 trips with Indian Experience outfit and they are first rate. The recent one was a marvellous mix of culture and colour, as we celebrated the most colorful party on the Planet. It was our trip to India in Holi.we were lucky enough to enjoy the Festival of Colour with the Royal family of Mandawa. Each trip with Mr. Narendra was unique and all trips share their great attention to detail, incredible trip leaders and a single, professional point of contact.
Looking forward to my 3rd!

Catherine H 15/04/2019

Forts & palaces of Rajasthan

Our holiday was a varied mixture personalised to our interests in historic towns and sites, architecture, Forts and Palaces, rural life, nomadic culture and even the rather niche subject of UNESCO Heritage sites of Rajasthan.
Rating for tour operator: 
Indian Experience listens to what our interests and preferences might be before constructing an itinerary. They have done a pretty impressive amount of background work to deliver many fascinating and enriching options and not just the standard grand venues offered by other companies. 

Simon Nelson 05/03/2019

DIWALI «The Festival of Lights»

We booked our honeymoon package with Indian Experience and it turned out really awesome experience, it was the festival season in India which served as icing on the cake. We spent Diwali with the Indian family of Narendra Singh and Gopika Singh, which made us fall in love with India. The trip was super amazing with such a professional and supporting staff. They made it more special by arranging us romantic dinners and boat rides in Udaipur. I would not even think twice before booking my tour with them. Lots of Love!

Susan Kennett 21/05/2019

Wildlife Journeys

 “Bespoke, friendly and professional… a star grade company!”
The friendly and professional approach that Narendra Singh and Gopika Singh from Indian Experience gave to us filled with  such confidence. I am usually a nervous traveller but with their attention to detail and fabulous communication, I felt very happy to be packing my case and heading off to the sun.  Also, the itinerary given to us by the travel agency was fully satisfying.. So this travel agency is 100% recommended. Everything was booked and given to us in advance.No chaos at all.  The price they charge is much less than the quality they provide. Boom them, you will not regret.

Why travel with Indian Experience?

For An offbeat Escape

“Don’t go where the path may lead, Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail!!” Indian Experience takes you to the roads less travelled. The best off-the-beaten-track tours and excursions in India that provides an awesome and once in a lifetime experience that surely will have a mind-boggling impact on the traveller in you.

For a Festival Flight

“Throughout the year, in all seasons we Indians find reasons, To celebrate life through festivals!” Get introduced to the greatness of Indian culture which is reflected in its festivals Indian Experience provides you with fascinating insights into the local community and traditional way of life. Swoon with joy by becoming a part of it.

Rooted in an Inherited passion

“Some professions are a passion…” Indian Experience is a company, yes, but it was founded to express our passion for India. As a family-owned company, with over 16 years of experience, we are doing what we love- full-time, with a visionary understanding not only of what to see in India but how to see it in the most spectacular way with an approach that is personalised.

Innovative and Tailor-Made.

“ Beyond the tourist circuits …” Indian Experience ensures the highest level of service and innovation for every visitor with zeal, our effort is to create the most satisfying itineraries. With the inherited tradition of hospitality, we create bespoke, well-thought-out and tailor-made itineraries that could only come from someone “who is Born with it”!

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